Thursday, July 2, 2009

Recap of Field Day via Twitter Pictures

For those not following me on Twitter, here is a brief recap of Field Day activities from this past weekend:

Bob W8NYY helping with launching antenna lines over trees via his industrial grade sling shot

Steve W8TER and Mike WA8SYD hanging up the TMRA information sign inviting all to stop by a ham radio field day site today

A ham radio slow scan TV image (SSTV) from Joe KJ0EYT at TMRA field day site in Maumee Ohio as received over the air via ham radio and then uploaded over the air via wifi

Steve KC8YRK and Nancy KC8ZLZ on the W8HHF 20 meter Field Day station working and logging voice contacts via ham radio

Steve W8TER the TMRA Field Day chair and others, what's a ham radio field day without food