Friday, December 12, 2008

Upcoming deals on the Radio Shack PRO-106 and PRO-197

The latest Radio Shack pricing buzz at Radio Reference(

PRO-106: $299.99
PRO-197: $299.99
PRO-164: $99.99
PRO-163: $119.99

"Pricing effective 12/18 to 12/24, in store or web orders"

Will definitely be an ever better deal on the PRO-106 and PRO-197 digital scanners (these are the GRE built equivalents of the PSR-500 and PSR-600). This will be a good scanner and a great deal for anybody wanting to listen to Lucas County and Ohio MARCS. And if anybody recently purchased a PRO-106/PRO-197, you should have 30 days from date of purchase to take the receipt back to get the lower price if the above deals indeed happen.


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