Monday, February 9, 2009

Audio Logs from Lake Erie Ice Rescue

I have posted a series of Audio Log files from this weekend's ice rescue operations on the western basin of Lake Erie. There is a link to the files in the Selected Activity Library ( on the Audio Logs page.

The files contain selected audio communications from Jerusalem Twp and the mutual aid provided by Oregon, Toledo, and Washington Twp. Ottawa County, the United States Coast Guard and numerous other agencies also participated significantly in the rescue operations.

The morning of Saturday, February 7th, 2009 saw warm temperatures and a strong southwest wind that pushed hundreds of ice fishers out into the lake on an 8 mile long ice flow (or floe). A large 100 yard wide crack developed from Davis Besse and west to Maumee Bay. (The Lake Erie MODIS Ice Coverage Satellite Imagery actually shows a pretty good visual.) Most of the rescue operations were conducted off of the Crane Creek, Metzger Marsh and Magee Marsh areas in Lucas and Ottawa County.

The VHF Marine channel file contains communications between the USCG Rescue Helicopters "65xx" and the C-130 "2005" (based out of Elizabeth City NC), as well as Sector Detroit, Station Toledo, and Lucas County. The Oregon Ops 5-2 talk group from the Lucas County P25 county wide digital radio system was the primary Interop and Incident Command channel for Jerusalem Twp FD, and I have included some additional agency specific communications.

Direct Links:
02/07/2009 - Lake Erie Ice Rescue - VHF Marine Ch 23 (8.2 MB)
02/07/2009 - Lake Erie Ice Rescue - Oregon Ops 5-2 (9.4 MB)
02/07/2009 - Lake Erie Ice Rescue - Toledo FD Ch 7 (2.0 MB)
02/07/2009 - Lake Erie Ice Rescue - Oregon FD Ops (1.9 MB)
02/07/2009 - Lake Erie Ice Rescue - Jerusalem Twp FD Ops (4.5 MB)
02/07/2009 - Lake Erie Ice Rescue - Washington Twp FD Ops (7.0 MB)

The feed archive over at Scan America has plenty of the communications as well (search between 11AM and 2PM on 02/07/09):

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