Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Radio Shack holiday Scanner sales

While this year's Radio Shack holiday Scanner sales don't include any of their digital scanners, and these sales have not been as exciting as last season, they still have some decent discounts. Radio Shack is offering $50 off three handheld analog scanner models and you may find some discount codes for additional savings.

PRO-137 Racing Scanner: $79.99
PRO-164 1000-Channel Handheld Scanner: $149.99
PRO-107 Handheld iScan Trunking Scanner: $179.99

"Sale valid until 01/02/10"

The most interesting model is the new GRE built PRO-107 Handheld iScan Trunking Scanner. This model is analog only and won't cover the Toledo/Lucas digital system, but this scanner still could be a good choice for those in other areas. It provides a fresh and revolutionary design that offers ease of use and flexibility, as well as simplicity of operation. The included memory storage card holds programming information for all analog frequencies and trunking systems in the entire US based on information from the Radio Reference database. It will be exciting to see some of these features incorporated into possible future models. Hopefully a Digital iScan is on the horizon.


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