Saturday, December 26, 2009

Toledo Police Christmas Broadcast 2009

I have posted an Audio Log file from one of Toledo Police's Christmas Eve 2009 Broadcasts. There is a link to the file in the Selected Activity Library ( on the Audio Logs page.

The following broadcast is a Toledo Police tradition:

[Alert Tones:] "Attention all cars and listeners. Be on the lookout for a short jolly individual dressed in red and trimmed in white, who is constantly saying 'Ho! Ho! Ho!'. Subject was last seen operating a sleigh being pulled by eight reindeer, southbound from the North Pole. This subject's method of operation is that he spreads joy and cheer everywhere. If this subject is observed, all units are advised to assist this subject as much as possible. If found, this subject will bring you happiness all year long. All the members of the Toledo Police Division, the operators of the Communications Section, and this officer would like to wish all our listeners a very Merry Christmas. WNCE682 and KTS670. It's Christmas Eve 2009."

[Followed by a radio response in reply to Officer James Ogle's broadcast:] "It's good to hear your voice Jimmy."

Direct Link: 12/24/2009 - Toledo Police - Christmas Eve 2009 Broadcast (1.7 MB)

See the following articles from the Toledo Blade "Just like Santa Claus, TPD dispatcher delivers" ( and WUPW "Christmas Eve police tradition" ( for more information.

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