Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

I will be attending the 2010 CES later this week in Las Vegas. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to cover the show from both a professional perspective as well as check out things from a hobbyist, enthusiast and personal perspective. While not being occupied by topics related to my day job, I plan to check out a variety of exhibitors and other interesting sessions. I'll also be sure to slide by the GRE booth, I suspect that there won't be much more for display than what they had at the Dayton Hamvention. But maybe they'll have an future iScan digital prototype or other GRE branded models.

The following are my primary objectives during my CES/Las Vegas trip:

1) Digital Health Summit (ces info) (website) - Cover the Digital Health Summit, in relation to my day job as a Business Analyst in a health care information company. We are simplifying the business of health care and connecting and empowering consumers to manage their health in a ever more consumer-based health care space. Looking for disruptive technologies and tracking the emerging markets of the rapidly evolving digital health care industry.
2) Tech Policy Summit (ces info) - Attend the Tech Policy Summit with interesting sessions like "Making Nationwide Deployment and Adoption of Broadband a Reality", "The Spectrum Grab and Innovation", and "Inside the FCC's Communications Agenda". These sessions will likely offer interesting discussions regarding our ever growing and connected wireless communications world and may have ramifications for Amateur Radio and other spectrum uses.
3) GRE America (ces booth) (website) - Represent the Radio Reference community, answer questions and provide general coverage related to the GRE scanner product line.
4) General Interest - Explore other exhibitors and sessions of general consumer electronics interest.
5) "#20casinos" Challenge - Travel the Las Vegas strip, hitting a total of 20 of the largest Casinos in the world in 10 Hours (or less) and gambling a total of $200 bucks at said casinos. Part of my Wednesday free day and a special project that will likely have heavy Twitter and TwitPic coverage. Look here and on Twitter this Wednesday for more information.

I've primarily be covering objectives number 2 through 5 both here and via Twitter.

Stay tuned to this blog for a preview of my daily CES agenda and nightly summary and recap information. Follow me on Twitter @jpryor223 for real time updates and TwitPic images through out each day. And keep track of my position on APRS.fi via my KC8NNO-12 APRS-enabled location tracking Smart Phone.


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