Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 CES Thursday Recap

2010 CES Thursday Recap:

Went to the State of the CE Industry and Opening Keynote address this morning. Good insight into innovation, and interesting information from the Ford In Car Experience and the SYNC system user interface demonstrations.

Attended two of today's Tech Policy Summit sessions including "Making Nationwide Deployment and Adoption of Broadband a Reality" and "The Spectrum Grab and Innovation". The first session was more of a pleasant discussion, while the second session had some interesting conflict between broadcast and commercial interests, and debate as to whether a true spectrum crisis is indeed looming.

Spent some time on the conference floor--this space is huge. Was able to briefly swing by the GRE America booth, sent a picture via TwitPic. Have since posted some more information on Radio Reference regarding the newly released GRECOM branded models the PSR-700 "EZ Scan-SD" and the PSR-110 Race Scanner.

Was at the Intel keynote. Interesting comments from Paul Otellini regarding computing power. The first Intel 4004 micro-processor from 40 years ago with 2000 transistors was compared to the processors released today with billions of transitions that are running 5000 times faster and costing 100,000 times less. He mentioned if automobile companies innovated like Intel, cars would drive at 470,000 mph using 100,000 mpg and cost 3 cents.

Some additional general comments. 3D is all the hype, but still not that exciting looking for me, everything I've seen still looks like a bunch of 2D layers at fixed distances and doesn't approximate the reality of actual depth perception all that well. Proprietary app stores are on the rise and popping up everywhere (Ford, Intel, etc), but there is some promise of interaction and multi and cross platform support (i.e. interact with an Apple iPhone app via your Ford/Microsoft SYNC system). And personal and mobile computing will take a more prevalent place in the world, be ever more aware, and more available when at home and on the go, especially with all the new netbooks, tablets, smart phones and smart home technologies.

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