Wednesday, January 13, 2010

GRE @ CES 2010 - Part 2 of 3

PSR-110 Race Scanner

The working model was red in color as you can see by the attached photo. In regards to the dual display, the "2-Digit Sub-Display" is a top mounted LCD display for showing the car number. That allows the car number information to be visible from the top of the unit while attached to your belt. On the left side are two racing headphone connections (A and B). This allows two individuals to listen together (and talk to each other via the intercom feature when using racing headsets with microphones). In addition the right side has a phone/pc-if connection as well as the power connection. When a cell phone is connected, the answer (phone button) can be pushed and you can use your cell phone by talking through the racing headset (via the A connection only). As mentioned before this unit is UHF only, it also does not have an external speaker, and is focused on being a dedicated race fan scanner. The unit has V-Scanner like ability to easily recall the programming for each of the "Big Race Categories" (Champ Car, ARCA RE/MAX, Indy Racing, Craftsman Truck, Busch Series, and Nextel Cup). These groups are all preprogrammed and adjustable. The unit offers flexibility for scanning by CAR number, a FAV button for favorite cars, and direct access for the MRN frequency. The scanner is powered by three AA batteries.

The race scanner market may be bigger here than some folks think. About 1 in 10 attendees at these big race markets may have a scanner, at a large NASCAR race with 250,000 folks there, that could mean around 25,000 people with scanners in the crowd. Folks are looking for preprogrammed units and easy to use models with alpha tags and car number information for an easy and flexible scanning experience. GRE also indicated that they will have an agreement with a track side scanner rental company for updating programming for these models at the race. Again look for this model's availability in June 2010 if not sooner.

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